Top 10 Websites To Make Money Online

Top 10 Money Making Websites To Earn Income Online

Do you know there are money making websites for you to earn money online? Yes! That is right and all you need is a computer or a phone with an internet access.

This article is going to list and discuss 10 legitimate websites where you can actually start making some cool money working from home and if you are really serious, you can earn a complete living doing this business at the comfort of your home.

On some of this websites, you can actually make as much as $50 – 100 a day or even more and the best part is if you are already employed, you don’t have to quit your job. You can do this business in your free time and start making money.

On the internet, there are two distinct ways to actually make money online, namely – active and passive income.

1. Active income – An active income is like a normal job where you only get paid for the job you do, and if don’t work you don’t make money it is as simple as that. A perfect example of the active income is doing freelancing job on the internet.

2. Passive income – This is the most suitable way of making money online because with a passive income all that you’re required to do is to put in a good work once and the money, in theory, will keep rolling in.

With you not having to do any more work other than maybe promoting what you have already made or in some cases what other people have made. A simple example of passive income is selling ebooks online.

Now, that we have a brief understanding of online income, let’s take a look at the top 10 easy sites to make money online.

10 money making websites to start earning money online

1. Amazon


Amazon first started as an online platform for selling books, now they sell almost anything you can think of. The Amazon site is not all about buying things you need, but you can actually make money from Amazon and here are 3 easy ways to make money online using Amazon.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk – Is an online freelance platform where business is outsourced and most especially tasks that are too difficult for a computer programme to do. Such as audio translation, audio editing and transcribing, video translation into different languages, testing web pages, writing reviews and a whole lot of other services.

You can make as much as $20 – 30 in an hour by working on a few different tasks. This is a legit way of making active income and they do pay. The second one is;

2. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – Using this platform you can turn your ideas into ebooks and make money online. Every time someone buys an ebook from Amazon, Amazon and the publisher makes money and you can too.

The thing with Kindle publishing is you first need a book to sell. And you can either write this book by yourself or hire someone to write it for you. You don’t have to be an established author to start selling books online.

You can actually do this in the comfort of your home and start an instant passive income business. The best part of using the Amazon Kindle Publishing is that it completely free.

So if you have the passion for writing and creating ebooks, sign up on Amazon Kindle and start making money today.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program – This is a very popular and easy way of making passive income online. All you need to do is to sign up to the Amazon associate program which is completely free. After signing up, pick from the thousands of products you can promote and sell on your website.

Amazon will provide you with a special link when you register and every time someone buys through the link, Amazon will give you a commission from 5 – 10% of the sell. You will receive payment after 60 days of the purchase and you can choose to be paid via the Amazon gift cards or through a wire transfer to a bank account.

Note: these method of payment are for only those residents of the US. If you are outside of the US you will be paid via checks or you can have the money transferred to your Amazon account to shop on the Amazon store.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a website for freelancers. With this website, you’ll be making active income. Businesses and individuals do post services on Upwork that they will like to outsourced, such as article writing, foreign language translator, app development, coding, video editing, and graphic design.

There are tons of jobs and services been outsource on Upwork. The beauty of starting a freelance business on Upwork is that it has a low barrier for entry. You just have to be good at something to get started.

If you’re good at writing, graphic design, coding, or just about any sort of skill, head over to Upwork today and start bidding for jobs.

Here is a tip if you are considering working for Upwork have a robust profile that looks really good. This will dramatically increase your likelihood of receiving job offers from potential clients. Explain your best work or highlighting specific experiences that can help you stand out.

3. YouTube


Not a lot of people know this but you can actually make money from YouTube. And if you’re considering getting into YouTube to make money, make sure you first understand one thing clearly.

Thanks to the new rules on YouTube, if you’re planning on starting a brand new channel from scratch. You have to reach the YouTube minimum threshold to get your channel monetized.

Which means you need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the last twelve months and once you reach that stats, you can get your channel monetized.

How much money can you make on YouTube? You can make as much as you want if you work towards it by uploading good content that people are willing to watch.

You can make anything from $1 – thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more view you are getting the more money you are expected to make and also get more subscribers.

With YouTube what you will be earning is passive income. Make interesting videos and they will keep getting you money consistently.

You can also make money on YouTube through paid sponsorship, but with paid sponsorship, you will need to grow your audience to a minimum of 10,000 subscribers to get started. You can also make money through an affiliate program.

4. ClickBank


Clickbank is an online marketplace for product creators and affiliate to make money online by selling their courses or services to the world.

This money making website only sells digital products and the commission payout is so much higher than Amazon. Some affiliates will pay you as much as 75% for selling their service, while others may pay as low as 5%.

With that said, you can make some really good money on Clickbank by simply signing up today and picking up something to sell and start making money.

5. Flippa


Flippa is arguably the number one marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. It attracts a huge audience and offers a great tool to increase visibility.

It is an auction site pretty much like eBay for those buying and selling digital assets such as apps, website, domain, and online shopping stores.

If you’re good at making mobile applications or even websites you can actually sell it online and start making some money. Better yet, if you have some decent amount of money to spend and you have interest in buying websites, apps, or an e-commerce store that are already making money, you can do so on Flippa.

How it works is that you place a bid on an item you want to buy and if your bid is the highest then congratulations, you just bought yourself an online business. You can also make money by selling your own online business.

6. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is one of the easy money making websites where you can buy or sell digital media such as audio tunes, pictures, music, and video clips mainly created by freelancers and third parties.

If you are particularly good at taking amazing pictures and videos with editing or photoshop, you can monetize your craft on Shutterstock.

The way you can actually make money from this website is that every time someone purchases one of your work, you will get paid a commission. Usually a couple of cents to a few dollars.

The tricks of making much money on Shutterstock is to constantly keep creating high-quality work and pictures.

7. Take lessons

takelessons is a website designed as an online tutor where you can teach any skill to people. Everyone has a skill that he or she can teach to people seeking to learn.

whether that might be teaching someone how to cook, a language, how to play musical instruments, workout exercises, and complex mathematical calculations.

Anything you think someone else might not know, you can teach people on Takelessons and start making money while at the same time adding value to people’s lives.

9. Fiverr


You have probably heard about Fiverr mentioned a lot of times because it is one of the simple money making websites available to help you earn money online.

But if you haven’t, it is basically a freelance website where you can literally outsource any legitimate business you can think of for as little as $5.

There are so many different ways to make money on Fiverr, a few examples are making animation, logo, and packaging design, web and mobile app development, social media design, photoshop editing, architecture, and floor planning, 3d models and product design, artwork design, t-shirt and merchandising and so much more.

If there is anything that can be outsourced, you will most likely find it on Fiverr. Head over now and check out Fiverr, it is a legitimate way of making money.

9. Rover


Are you the kind of person that likes pets? And most particularly dogs? If you are, then you should check out

This site is a dog sitting service but sadly it is only currently available in the US and Canada. So, if you live in either of those two countries you are qualified to register as a dog babysitter (lol) and get paid for babysitting dogs.

You can as well make as much as $80 – 100 a night just by watching someone’s dog, how easy can it get?

10. Dropshipping

drop shipping

With Dropshipping what you will be doing is selling someone else’s business for a small or large profit without having to deal with the shipping process. Basically, you are acting like a broker and middle person.

You can start Dropshipping by opening a Shopify store and linking it with Oberlo is an app that is integrated with Shopify and use by a lot of people to source for items they will want to sell on their stores.

The basic principle of Dropshipping is you create a store or any channel where people can buy products from you and once they purchase something you will pay the manufacturer usually for a lot less than the price you got the product for.

The manufacturer will ship it to the customers all without you ever seeing or touching the product. The best part of Dropshipping is that you set your own price for the product you want to sell on your store and then take the profit and pay the manufacturer their due.

Here are the steps in starting a high-profit Dropshipping business.

  • Creating a store
  • Finding products
  • Advertising
  • Finding influencers
  • Shipping and getting paid.

And that is Dropshipping for you to get started.

These are the main legitimate money making websites we think can help you get started with earning money online. You just need to identify your skill set and interest, then choose the right platform to start making money today.

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