2 Easy Steps to Delete Uncategorized Posts On WordPress

WordPress provides a great way for managing content but there are some default settings that come with it when starting a new website and you will likely find it difficult getting your way around those settings to modify the features to suit your needs or design layout of the website.

Uncategorized is the default category for all post on WordPress sites, in essence, every published post will be on the Uncategorized category. This can be annoying especially when you don’t know how to change it because there’s seemingly no option to delete uncategorized from the list of category. You may have created another category to limit the problem but whenever you forgot to select the designated category for the post, it will automatically be published under the Uncategorized category thereby making your website content looking unprofessional.

So how do I Delete Uncategorized Posts on WordPress?

To remove uncategorized on your website post is pretty easy, and there are two ways to do it.

  1. Rename the uncategorized to a suitable name of your choice. And;
  2. Delete the uncategorized category from your website.

Let’s take a look at each of these steps to delete Uncategorizedzed posts on your website

1. Renamed Uncategorized to Another Name of your Choice

  • Goto WordPress Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories
  • Under the uncategorized: there are three options – namely Edit, Quick Edit, and View will be highlighted… Select the Edit option, which will take you to the next page “Edit Category” where you can rename the uncategorized text to a name of your choice and click on the “Update” button. once you’re done.

WordPress- Uncategorized category

2. Delete the Uncategorized Category

To delete uncategorized from your website follow these steps:

  • First, create a new category if you don’t have one alongside the default uncategorized category. WordPress is designed to have at least one category at all times, so to delete the annoying uncategorized category you must have another category
  • To create a new category goto WordPress Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories enter the name of the new category and click on the “Add New Category” Button.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Writing -> you will see the “Default post category” select the new category as the “Default post category”and click the “Save Changes” button after you’re done.

Uncategorized Category

  • Goto Posts -> Categories under the Uncategorized category you will see a new delete option, click on the delete button to remove the uncategorized category permanently from the website.

Don’t worry about losing your posts under the deleted uncategorized category; they’ll all be transferred to the new default post category.

Now you don’t need to worry about the uncategorized posts anymore on your website. Comment below if you find this post helpful or ask a question.


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