5 Ways To Get YouTUBE Subscribers While Spending Less

Using videos is one important aspect of digital marketing trends and using YouTube provides a great way for most web advertisers to publish video content. Signing up and creating a channel is the easiest part of starting a YouTube channel because virtually every person with an internet-enabled device can do so. The demanding aspect of running a YouTube channel is getting subscribers and views to your channel.

Here, we have explained 6 important strategies to help you get many YouTube subscribers for free. But before we dive in, it is important to understand that these strategies are not a quick way to increase your YouTube subscribers. They involve careful planning and a bit of time to grow your subscribers.

How to get subscribers on YouTube

1. Getting FREE Subscribers from Facebook Groups And Forums

Facebook provides a great platform for promoting businesses online, and one great thing about it is that you can use it for free. Of course, there are paid ads for promoting businesses in a much quicker way, but our discussion here will show you how to use Facebook Groups to get free YouTube Subscribers.

What you have to do to get started, is to join Facebook groups that are very relevant to your YouTube Channel’s niche, topic, or category.

For example, if your YouTube Channel is about Fashion Trend, go on Facebook and search for public groups related to Fashion, Clothing’s, Cosmetics for Lifestyle and stuff. Once you’ve joined at least 10-15 Public Facebook Groups, visit them frequently and Monitor all the activities in these groups.

Most importantly, you have to keep an observation for the QUESTIONS people will issue in these groups. Whenever you see a question that requires you to add some kind of helpful information or LINK as your answer, seize the opportunity and add a link to a helpful information.

Even if the source link isn’t yours, just add them in the comments.

The idea is for you to answer questions or create posts related to your channel and if the need arises add relevant links to buttress your answer for a question. By doing that, you’ll build trust among the group members with time.
And whenever there comes a question that requires you to link to YOUR videos, GRAB the opportunity add your video link.

Remember don’t spammy about it and Don’t just add a link to your video, but, EXPLAIN. Explain why you did have to link to YOUR video to answer or help the person with the question.

Also, explain why your video is the best answer to their question. Most importantly, provide an alternative to your video as well. Maybe someone else’s video? Or maybe an article? So they know you are not just promoting your videos but are genuinely interested in helping out.

Using Forums And Discussion Platforms

Quora Is an example of a perfect platform for you to promote your channel. They will always be questions pertaining to your line of business from people looking for information. Just like using the Facebook group strategy, study those questions and give detailed answers to the users.

Whenever possible add links to your videos to aid in your answers. And most importantly, don’t be spammy about it and you don’t need to place links on every answer you give. Using this tricks will gain you many subscribers in the long run. You can also employ the use of other popular forums to achieve your aim.

2. Create a Facebook Group and Get FREE Subscribers

This is another strategy to get YouTube subscribers for free.
First, you need to identify what your YouTube channel is focused on. Note down the primary Keywords you want to rank for.

For instance, if your channel is about Fashion, Note down Fashion and create a Facebook Group with your main Keyword “Fashion” as the first name with another name for example “Trend” as the second name: like this Fashion Trend – Facebook group.

It will not be effective to use the same name for the Facebook group and your YouTube channel. This won’t work! Because your group members can easily see what you’re trying to use them for.

When you use Fashion Trend or add the “Fashion” keyword as the first name of your Group, no matter what the second name is, people will start seeing your group name in their suggested or related groups and in their search results when they’ll search for the word Fashion on Facebook.

This is an important strategy to name your Facebook group with the keyword that is most relevant to your YouTube channel’s niche or category. Once you have the group ready, get a high-quality cover image designed for it.

This is to give a positive impression to the members and people who will see it in their suggested group list that your group page is of High-Quality and standard.

This way, the nice quality cover image is going to attract new members as well. Even if they don’t see the group name, or don’t search the group, they’ll most likely to join the group if the cover catches their attention.

PLUS TIP: Keep the group privacy CLOSED. By doing that, you’ll NOT allow non-group members to peek into the group and see your group content for free. They’ll HAVE to join in to see for themselves.

Once people start joining the group, your next priority is to keep them IN and interested with good content. Because if the quality of your posts and content isn’t good enough, they’ll most likely to leave the group.

So make sure you’re posting regularly and providing some value, other than just posting links to your videos and asking them to subscribe to you.

Your main focus should be on providing value to your Group members by asking them if they have any questions or problems about fashion, free content on how to apply some certain types of Cosmetics, or the best clothing to wear during summer, and so on. These are the kind of value they’ll need for keeping them interested in your group.

With time, once they get to know that you’re really good at what you do, they’ll start following your profile, sharing your content, and as well as subscribing to your YouTube Channel.

3. Enable The Related Channels Option (channel recommendation) on your YouTube channel

You’ve probably seen Recommended Channels or videos on the right side of your YouTube Channel or maybe you’ve seen it on other channels?

Most of the YouTubers I came across intentionally disable this feature! Which to them, it is a smart strategy by not letting other related YouTube channels to show on their own channels.

But, did you know that doing this, (turning the channel recommendation off), will decrease your chances of getting more FREE YouTube Subscribers?

When you disabled the recommended channel option, it means your channel will not show up on other channel pages across YouTube. If you have this feature turned off, I highly recommend you turning it back ON.

With this feature, you have a good chance to rank your channel in YouTube search on its name. If you know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO), and how it works, you may already know that if your channel will show on OTHER channels, the anchor text is your channel’s name, which means a Backlink from YouTube to your channel using the anchor text.

This is how the channel recommendation feature is going to help your channel RANK better in YouTube search, and when someone searches for your channel name on YouTube.

Some people may say this feature doesn’t work! It doesn’t help you get subscribers. Well, I disagree. If it doesn’t, why would it be available to video creators? YouTube isn’t a small business that one person owns. It is the world’s second most visited search engine and the first most visited video directory and video sharing social network.

Plus, think about it… When your channel shows on some other related channel someone will notice it and click-through on your channel. If you have the best content you can put out there on your channel, so what do you think that the viewer is going to do after watching a video or two?

I highly doubt they’re going to leave without subscribing to get more interesting content from you. And as a matter of fact, I have found a couple of great channels this way and become their subscribers too.

4. Engage your Audience and always Reply To Comments

This very important to grow your subscribers. Always remember that your viewers are human beings too, in case you may forget. They’re just like YOU and feel emotions too.

Now, Imagine someone asks a question or made a remark on your video. And you don’t REPLY to their comment! You don’t ANSWER their question if they ask any. What do you think will be going on in the mind of that person?

They’ll probably start thinking your channel is owned by a Robot, and will never make a comment again on any of your videos or even unsubscribe from your channel.

The idea is for you to engage your viewers, make them know you really care and want to help them out with whatever they are searching for.

Note: YouTube is notorious for hateful comments.
So be prepared for such comments, and whenever you come across one do reply with kindness. Being kind will let your other viewers know that you’re a positive person and they’ll support you even more.

Once you’re replying to most comments on your videos, people who will come across your channel will notice that and will tend to leave their own comments.

And, if you do reply to their question or whatever they are searching for, you’ll probably be getting some loyal subscribers that will be watching your videos, and as well as like and share them.

Also, it is important to always end your videos with a question towards the viewers if there’s anything they may like to add or ask. Doing this will increase the engagement rate on your channel.

Don’t stop engaging your audience even when you become famous and have thousands to million subscribers. Your viewers will like you even more once you always have the time to answer them.

5. Branding Your YouTube Channel Keywords

This concept involves some basic SEO. When you take a single or more Keywords you want to rank for on your videos. For instance, the channel name is Fashion Trend, or, Vegetarian Diet, here the Fashion keyword is what we are targeting to rank for. And, in Vegetarian Diet, the keywords are Vegetarian and Diet.

Now, whenever someone searches for Vegetarian Diet, naturally, the list of channels with Vegetarian Diet name is going to come up first in the search results.

PLUS TIP: You can also use this Keyword Branding method on your video titles! It will help you rank for different keywords targeted to many audiences.

For example, using Fashion Clothing as the channel name, you can make videos with the following titles: How to choose a perfect wedding dress, Best clothing choice for plus size women, Dress choice for a job interview, and Perfect clothing choice during summertime.

Using this method, you are targeting both the Fashion Clothing’s, which is the main Keyword you want to rank for, and the How to choose a perfect wedding dress, Best clothing choice for plus size women, and Dress choice for a job interview Keywords respectively.

Hopefully, this explanation on Keyword branding is enough for you to understand the concept and start applying it in your video titles.

YouTube also uses transcript on videos made with the English language, so not only by branding your keywords on your videos, but you should also say or use them inside your video content.

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6. Go Into a Less Known Niche Market.

Our final method for getting free YouTube channel subscribers is going into a less known niche market.

This here is one of the fastest ways to accumulate YouTube subscribers within a short time.

Select a Niche/Market or Category where there is a demand but only a few people have a channel on the topic. For instance: using the Fashion Clothing’s example, dig in to find out what clothing category is being under-represented.

Maybe search for baby wear sizes and see how many channels are talking about it? Or Clothing for pets. Another interesting idea is doing gadget or phone reviews as soon as they are released into the market.

These suggestions may sound odd or silly but don’t be surprised to find out how much people out there that are interested in such related information.

PLUS TIP: If you are good in a local language, for example, the Mandarin Chinese. Make videos in the Mandarin language and optimize it to target audience residing in those countries.

You will rank better if you make videos in a local language.

Conclusion: these are the absolutely free social media strategy for getting YouTube subscribers to your channel. Some of this tips may seem far-fetched or a bit time-consuming to achieve.

But remember, the number one key rule for running a business is patience. Now, go on and apply all these strategies and watch your YouTube subscribers increase.

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