The 3 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria to host Website

When choosing a web hosting service in Nigeria, it is very important to know that there are a number of cheap website hosting companies in Nigeria that provide good service & customer support.

Although they may not be the best of the best in the world, using a Nigerian web hosting is more suitable for a start-up business with low to average traffic.

Having the best hosting services is very important for your website because It is on a host server you build and place your site, so you have to be very cautious in choosing a web hosting service to launch your website.

We will be listing the best Nigeria web hosting companies for you to make the right choice.

Things to put into consideration for choosing a web hosting service

1. Speed –  A web hosting speed is very paramount to a website. It has been reported that a website has only 3 seconds on mobile to grab the users attention using the internet, after 3 seconds the user will likely close the page to look for a better alternative.

Nobody wants to waste their time on a slow loading website, and you surely don’t want to lose your site visitors just because of loading time from a poor hosting provider.

To determine a web hosting company server speed, copy and paste their URL into this: Tools.pingdom to see how really fast they are.

Web hosting speed test

You can as well ask questions on platforms like Nairaland from people using the particular web host service to give you an honest review about their experience using their service. This will help you make the best decision when choosing a web hosting provider.

2. Customer care support – A web hosting provider must have a good customer care service for 24/7 every time of the year. This is very important for solving urgent issues and making inquiries.

In a situation where you would want to solve a problem or carrying out a procedure on the website, you will definitely need a customer support to help you.

3. Security – Some mediocre web hosting company has bad security measures in place to prevent attacks. You have to be careful not to go for overly cheap web hosting companies. Because they are well known to have poor server maintenance with outdated servers.

There have been cases of how vulnerable some web hosting providers can be in exposing their client’s website to the easy target of hacking and virus attacks, thereby ruining their entire investment. Trust me, you will not want to experience such kind of situation.

You can limit the chance of falling for the wrong host by reading reviews of the hosting company you are interested in. You can visit web forums to get operative feedback on the said hosting company.

Choose a plan for daily backup of your site or you can manually back up the site using the backup plugin whenever you need to. The security of a hosted website is very important, don’t neglect it when choosing a web hosting service.

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The Best Nigeria Web hosting Companies and prices

Below are the best quality web host providers in Nigeria and the services they provide. this list is base on personal experience, web server speed testing and users review. we will be updating this list as we make more findings.

1. QServers

Qservers have been around since 2006. They are arguably one of the very best hosting company in Nigeria. They have an awesome 24/7 customer service that will answer your queries and problems concerning your website at any time.

Their services include domain name registration, SSL certificate, website development, and backup servers. Q servers have 99.9% server uptime, so you don’t need to worry about your website presence online.

Qservers Web hosting Prices

Qservers have 4 plans for their shared hosting services. The basic “Starter” web hosting plan comes at a price of N350 for a month and N3,500 for a year. The other shared hosting services include:

  • The Business plan – costs N650 for a month and N6,550 a year.
  • The Developer plan – costs N900 for a month and N9,000 a year.
  • The Pro plan – is N1,200 a month and N12,000 for a year.
  • Mega plan – costs N1,700 for a month and N 17,000 a year.

Q severs method of payment include online ATM card payments (Interswitch), bank transfers & deposits and Cash payment at their office.

2. DomainKing

DomainKing is one of the cheap web hosting provider in Nigeria with a very good hosting service for their clients.

Just as their name suggests, Domainking is the number one domain hosting registrar in Nigeria and have the following services for their users.

Email hosting, VPS hosting, SSL certificate, domain transfer, 24/7 technical support and a dedicated WordPress hosting plan starting at a cost of N533 per month.

Domainking Web hosting Prices

Domainking have 3 shared hosting plans, as mention earlier, with a dedicated WordPress hosting service which cost N533 for a month. The basic “Soldier” shared hosting plan starts at a cost of N375 for a month and N4,500 for a year. The other plans include:

  • Minister plan  – costs N1,000 per month and N12,000 for a year. and;
  • King plan – cost N1,999 per month and N23,988 for a year.

Contact DomainKing customer support for further information and added packages with the above plans.

their method of payment includes online ATM card payments (Interswitch), bank transfers, deposits and Cash payment at their office and PayPal.

3. Whogohost

Whogohost is one of the major web hosting company in Nigeria with a lot of positive reviews and a high number of subscribers on their hosting service.

They have the following services for all the shared hosting plans:

Unlimited SQL Databases, automated installation for WordPress, Joomla SMF, SMS, and email notification, free SSL certification and 99.9% network uptime guaranteed with a host of other interesting features you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Whogohost Web hosting Prices

Whogohost have 5 hosting plans on their shared hosting services. The basic “Aspire” hosting plan comes at a cost of N400 per month and N4,000 for a year. The other plans include:

  • Premium plan  – costs N600 a month and N6,000 a year.
  • Pro plan – costs N850 for one month and N8,500 a year.
  • Pro Plus  – Plan is N1,350 for a month and N13,500 a year.
  • Giant plan  – costs N2,150 monthly and N21,500 for a year.

Visit for more inquiry and information with all the included packages for their listed plans.

Take note that the prices of these respective hosting companies are subjected to changes because of the periodical promo each of them does offer to their clients, so the prices might be less than the current ones here depending on the length of the promotional offers.

Benefits of using a Nigerian web hosting service

1. Ease of payment and refund: with a Nigeria web host, means of payment will never be a problem. Simply walk into any bank of your choice and make deposits to the web hosting company address.

You can also use a credit card for the transaction. This can’t be said for a number of foreign web hosting services, HostGator for example uncharacteristically do subject their Nigerian clients into some lengthy verification process just to make payment for hosting a site.

2. Very affordable price with a good service for startup sites: web hosting companies in Nigeria are one of the most economical you can get. With just N5000 you can buy a domain name and host a website for a full year running while enjoying a good service with customer care 24/7 hrs.

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