Get Better FACEBOOK ADS Results By Using 3 Simple Strategy

Get Better FACEBOOK ADS Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

If you have a small business using Facebook Ads can be the single greatest marketing tool available to you and to help you take your business to the next level.

On this article, we will be looking at Facebook ads and how to best use it to grow your business.

How Facebook Ads can help you to Grow your Business

  • Using advert through Facebook can give you access to your ideal customers or clients and allow you to laser focus in on their exact age, gender, income or occupation, and any other interest they may have.
  • It is incredibly cost effective compared to the traditional forms of advertising like using newspaper, radio, TV, and billboards.
  • And finally, there’s a bit of learning curve involved but it is still relatively easy to use and allows you to practically take a 4- 5 figure business and turn it into a 6, 7, or 8 figure business.

In order of importance, use these 3 tips to create an effective Facebook  ad campaign for your business.

1. Create a Good Offer

This may sound incredibly obvious but you will be amazed by how many times that so many ads missed the mark and failed right before they even had the chance to get started.

What you should do is that you have to dedicate and devote a significant amount of strategic planning time in order to find the absolute best offer to put in front of your ideal target market. The offer that you will be putting out in front of people has to be very good if you want them to take action.

Internet marketers often times will refer to this kind of offer as an irresistible offer and simply because we’re trying to do something that is irresistible to the target market and who we are trying to advertise to.

So the key in selecting the right offer is to find out what your ideal target market really wants and to solve that issue for them.

Whether it is to find a free trial or the first step to a complicated solution, a new product, or the answer to some kind of problem they are having, whatever it is just make sure that it is something they actually want and not just something you think they may want.

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The flexibility of using Facebook Ads is that you can test all kinds of different offers so if your first one fails to deliver, it does not mean that Facebook ads aren’t working or not effective for your business, rather it might just mean that you’re using the wrong offer for your audience and you may want to try a different one.

2. Your Ads Should be Clear and Creative

When making your ads make it as simple as possible and free from any form of complexity.

Make the message and the offer you have for your audience very clear, because for most people when they are writing ads they tend to suffer from something called the curse of knowledge.

What that means is that they know a lot of things about their business and also a lot about the products and services that they are selling, so they tend to put all of that into a single ad copy.

The end result of doing this will be confusing and overwhelming the reader and a confuse and overwhelmed reader will not take action.

So, when you are writing your ad copy make it a priority to make it crystal clear as humanly possible and removing any form of language that you will be familiar with but your target market may not get to understand it.

After making the ad copy clearly written, the next step is to add a bit of creativity into the mix. You need to project the right idea into the ad copy to paint the kind of picture that you want inside the minds of your readers.

This is where you can get more empathetic and start to use different copywriting techniques, hooks, and ways to actually draw your potential audience attention.

A good copywriting is incredibly important and some of the fancy tactics and techniques will all work great, but only when they’re first built on the proper foundation of clarity.

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3. Imagery

Now there’s a lot of talk and hype about video ads and quite frankly because video ads can work incredibly well but so is using image ads and in many cases image ads have outperformed more than the using videos.

This is true especially if your ads with videos don’t do well for you, and when you are making a video ad, there’s a lot more level of complexity involved and this includes the quality of the production, script, editing, and a whole lot things that goes into making a video ad.

And not to mention, using image ads can be quickly consumed by the readers, while video ads will typically take a bit more time and interest from the viewers.

Using video for your Facebook ads is not necessarily a bad idea, but something to put into consideration when making an effective ad for your business.

Here are some tips to chose the perfect image for your Facebook ad, and for beginners you will have to spend some significant amount of time on choosing the right image than you may think.

As an example, I often spend hours trying to pick the best 1 – 4 different images to test and of course you can always let the market decide, so even when you think you have the perfect image for the job you can as well be wrong which is why you should always test a number of different images against each other to see which one fits best with your readers.

If you have no idea about what type of image ad to use the best advice is to go with two different styles of images

  • A direct and literal image that clearly shows on what exactly that you are selling.
  • A metaphorical image that will show the idea or notion of the end result on what your client or audience will achieve if they do business with you.

Put them head to head to see which will deliver the best result for you.

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As a Facebook ad user, we all have access to the same placement, budget, targeting, audience, and all the things that goes into it, so there is clearly no secret button that only the elite advertisers have access to.

This is why the focus in creating a high converting and effective Facebook ad need to be on all the things that we have already talked about and then followed by adding social media marketing strategy. This is what separates the lower figures generating campaign from the higher ones every single time.

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