4 Simple Tips to Choose the Right Niche for Your Website

Are you thinking about owning a website?  You already have a website but you don’t know how to choose the right niche to start making money on your website?

Starting a niche website today is an awesome decision for you to start making money online. But, before you start thinking about money it is best for you to know having the right topic for a website at the very beginning plays an important role in you becoming successful.

And it is also one reason behind the failure for most people when they do get it wrong.

When I first have the idea of making money online I had absolutely no clue about how it works or what to do. What I came to understand is that it requires careful planning and much work than I initially thought and to be successful.

I figure the primary thing that you would need to do is to know how to choose the right niche for your website.

What is a Niche?

Niche site – is a website that is distinctly focused on one item, product, service, marketplace, theme, and market segment. A niche website can also be referred to as a themed internet site, which focuses on any particular theme, market, place or a product.

Pretty much all websites are themed. Relatively every site has a specific topic. A niche website would be about “fashion” or “cosmetic products” making the subject well defined to be narrow down and targeted to a specific audience and viewers who will find the topic interesting.

There are tons of topics you can think of for your website, some examples include:

  • Self Employment
  • Cooking
  • Weight reduction
  • How to Get Married
  • Recycling Practice
  • Relationship Advice, etc

A sub-niche (A market within a larger market) is separating your niche into a considerably more specific subtopic. This can be useful if you will be extending your products to catch a targeted group of buyers or interested viewers who will love to purchase your service.

This is important in promoting online products; the sub-niche may attract a smaller amount of prospective clients who are the more targeted audience that will most probably patronize you and below are some examples:

A “fashion” niche website may have a sub-niche category for “ties”, “pants”, “nightgowns”, and “suits”.

A “traveling” niche blog may have a sub-niche category for “waterfalls destination”, “safari”, “monuments and world heritage site” also;

A “make money online” theme website may have the sub-niche category “affiliate marketing” and “work from home” on the website.

Having the sub-niche will let you break down the topic into something more specific you have interest on.

How to Choose the Right Topic for your Website

When starting a new website or a blog, use these simple tips to guide you in choosing the perfect niche.

1. Identify What’s your Expertise

Go for a niche you some knowledge and interest on and avoid falling into the mistake of choosing a popular niche you see on the various sites. you will find yourself not able to keep up and wanting to quit when the results are not coming your way because you decide to follow a trend and knows nothing about what it takes to stand out different.

Instead of trying too hard to be like other people, take your time and find that topic you will like to write about as well as having a better understanding concerning the topic.

It is also important to know that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert on any topic since you already have the passion a little knowledge will suffice to put you steadfast. Be inspired to keep improving on your skill set and would eventually make you money in the long run.

If you have many topics of interest and don’t know how to choose the best one for you, follow these steps;

  • Draw out a list of 5-10 topics and subtopics of interest
  • Compare the ideas and depths of understanding you have for each topic and;
  • Narrow the list down to the most qualified topic you can work on.

2. Do a Keyword Research on the Niche and Competition

Are people searching for relevant words and information related to this topic? And how much is the competition for the topic on other blogs and websites?

Search for fields with little competition- a less-known niche may draw small audiences yet they’re less demanding to rank higher on search results. An example of an overcrowded niche is the “News and Entertainment”.

There are quite a lot of websites with the “News and Entertainment” topics, so ranking your website on those highly competitive niches will be very difficult. If you must go into a competitive market, try to choose a very much specific topic.

An example of a more specific topic on the “News” website is to write on “Technology news” or “Women Empowerment” for people who love to read on those topics.

Another example is you can gain much more viewers on a “Cooking” niche website when you focus on cooking meals for “Vegetarian” or natural food for “losing weight” Because a well-defined topic will most likely have less competition.

In essence, the more appealing your niche is, the harder it is to upset competition. If you go too competitive you will find it harder to carve out space.

This is the reason I dump the idea of creating an “Entertainment” niche site! to proceed with a “gadget review” blog, a quick Google search lets me know there are a large number of entertainment blogs out there. I would need to search for a more specific topic to easily rank my site.

How to Identify a Niche that has less Competition and a High Traffic

  • Write down the search words for your niche of interest.
  • Get keywords search items related to your niche of interest.
  • Place the keywords and phrases in quotation marks on Google search e.g. “phones with the best battery” so Google will provide you with the number of results for that exact search words.
  • Search results below 10,000 should be OK for low competition.

To see the keywords search results per month use Google Adwords, Google Correlate or Keyword tool. Look for keywords within the 1,000-5,000 searches per month. Those numbers are good for low competition.

3. Consider Choosing an Expansive Topic

After taking the keywords and competitive research, it will be a wise decision to choose a niche with a wide scope. A broad topic will open the door to explore and expand your ideas to make it easy for you to create much different content around it without sounding repetitive to people viewing the site.

A new website may have low traffic and viewers, so you won’t need to write content as much of the time. Once your website turns out to be more prominent and visible on search engines, you will have interested viewers and subscribers that visit daily, even in some instances multiple times a day.

With a specific end goal to keep your audience engaged to your site and returning for more, you will need to publish rich content at least consistently or risk losing your website audience to a more competing site.

4. Choose a Lucrative Niche

You can easily find a niche of interest anywhere, whether in your home, car, radio, market or the bank even within a niche there are sub-niches you can build a website on. But are all niches profitable?

As an internet marketer making money from your niche website should be the utmost target for you and this is one important consideration when choosing the Right Niche to Make Money on Your Website.

You need to put the following into perspective; do you have products to sell into the niche website?

  • Is the niche product commercial enough that will interest people to have a strong desire buying from you?
  • Can you add affiliate links to the niche site for sales commissions?
  • Are people spending money in your niche right now?
  • Are other people making money from the niche?

Unless you plan to run the website for a non-monetary project, all the questions should be put into consideration when choosing a niche.

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