How to Create A Blog in Nigeria & Make Money from Blogging

Are you thinking of how to create a blog and earn money from blogging? Do you want to know how to start a blog and monetize it? Also, Do you wish to start your own blog and dominate your niche but you don’t know how to go about it?

How to Create A Blog in Nigeria- Make Money from Blogging


Learning how to create a blog is a great business idea and when you apply the right knowledge during the course of running the blog you may begin to reap the benefits within a short period of time.

The key purpose of this article is to guide you through the easy steps of learning how to start a blog in Nigeria and make a monetary profit from it. But first and foremost, you should understand starting a blog isn’t a medium for get-rich-quick to cater for your financial needs.

There seems to be this wrong notion of making fast money by just owning a blog, to be honest, it requires much work to be successful and that’s one reason those who aim to make quick money when starting a blog do quit out of frustration when the results aren’t forthcoming.

With that said, learning how to create a blog in Nigeria is relatively easy; you don’t necessarily need to know anything about programming and website development. With a content managing system (CMS), you can set up a website and start blogging in no time.

Now, the demanding aspect of how to create a blog and keep it running is by producing up-to-date and optimized content at all times to generate traffic and with time monetary profits. To become successful you need to be dedicated and also have a lot of patience to drive the required traffic to your blog. Traffic is what keeps a blog alive and without it, a blog is somewhat nonexistence.

As stated earlier in this article we’re going to discuss all the important steps involved in how to create a blog centered around a niche that will make you money in Nigeria. This is aim to guide you to start your own business the right way and avoid little but costly mistakes on how to create a blog.

7- Steps For How to create a Blog and Make Money From Blogging

How to create a blog

When learning how to create a blog it is important to know to know there are at least 7 things you have to put in order to be successful, and here are the steps to create a successful blog in Nigeria:

  • Pick a Niche Topic for your blog and set out your objectives
  • Choose a Domain name and the best web hosting service for your blog
  • Create a blog
  • Know basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Publish Quality Content
  • Promote your Business
  • Monetize the blog to generate income

Now let’s go through each listed topic and discuss all that’s involved on how to create a blog in Nigeria.

1. Pick a Niche Topic for Your Blog and Set out your Objectives

What am I going to write about? Do I have any idea about the topic? Are they people searching or interested in such a topic?

Answering the questions as well as recognizing what’s your interest, expertise and the things that inspire you the most would guide you in choosing the right niche topic for your blog. And together with understanding the type of audience you would like to target.

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The Objective

Setting out the blog objective and success gauge will serve as a motivation while running a blog. Your objective may be to reach 50,000 audiences in the first 3 months or having millions of readership within 2 years of starting your blog.

Having an objective will help keep focus and continue to work hard even when your target goals are not met within a time frame, you should set new objectives and aspire to work harder. Your blog objectives have to be; specific, measurable, relevant, and achievable.

2. Choose a Domain name and the best web hosting service

Choose a suitable domain name for your blog, keep it short and simple and should not exceed more than 15-characters. Although, how you go about choosing a domain name has no direct impact on your PageRank but it will be better to keep it professional and if possible, make it relatable with the niche topic of your blog.

About choosing a web hosting service is one important aspect when starting a blog.

For any web hosting provider you decide to use, make your findings on their web server speed, uptime and how secure they are especially when you’re going to use a Nigerian web hosting provider.

You definitely don’t want to have the bad experience in a situation when your host servers are down and your blog can’t be accessed or having your website being hacked into with viruses destroying all your hard work and your money wasted.

These are the common problems when you decide to go for overly cheap web hosting services with outdated servers without doing a background check. Don’t excessively cut costs when starting a blog, but again it doesn’t cost much to choose a good web hosting service for your business.

All the same, there’re a good number of reputable Nigeria web hosting companies you can choose with quality service and perfect for most startup blog.

For choosing the best web hosting service, you can decide to go for a foreign web hosting company, a few examples of foreign host I will recommend are Namecheap and Bluehost. Mind you, using a foreign web hosting provider are a bit costly.

3. Create A Blog

The next step is how to create a blog. And fortunately for you, there are free content management systems (CMS) just for that purpose. So you don’t have to pay a web developer to build one for you.

To get started, log in to your cPanel dashboard and install WordPress directly on the web server provided to you by your web hosting service.

Note: The cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel provided by your hosting company to allow you to manage your website.

Once you install WordPress, you now have a live website that can be accessible all over the world. Using WordPress as a content management system is preferable because it is the most suitable and popular platform for most websites and blogs.

A few examples of popular websites running on WordPress includes TechCrunch, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, and The Official Star Wars Blog.

In addition to being popular, WordPress do release frequent security updates and comes with a lot of free and premium plugins and themes to give you a beautiful layout for your blog.

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4. Know basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The next important step on how to create a blog is understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learning SEO is a very important factor in becoming a successful blogger. SEO is a large topic and it may take quite a time to master it.

But learning the basics shouldn’t take much of your time. It is advisable you know some basic SEO techniques before starting to create content on your blog.

Although they are all categorized under the On-page SEO techniques, here are the basics I think you should know when starting a blog:

  • Learn how to Optimize your blog Tagline and Meta Description
  • Learn how to do your Keyword Search for every single article you want to publish.  This include:
  • knowing the number of people searching for the said topic and;
  • the keyword cost per click (CPC) for such topic
  • Learn How to incorporate the keywords into your content writing
  • Know the SEO and website optimization plugins to install, and;
  • Understand how to use alt and correct names for all images on your blog.

This is one mistake I made when I was a newbie uploading image without naming them correctly when I later find out Google gives preference to sites whose images have relevant names to content, I have to go back on every image and edit them with the right name.

Trust me the experience wasn’t a nice one. Applying SEO skills on your blog pages, articles, permalinks, images, tags, heading, and sub-heading will definitely prove effective for getting traffic to your blog.

For your blog growth, you need to get organic traffic for your web pages and SEO can help you do just that.

5. Publish Quality Content

As a blog owner, having an optimized and quality content on your blog is what keeps it alive. Interesting articles will draw in the readership for your blog, but how would you what is of interest to your audience? that’s why it is very important to carry out a keyword research before starting to create any content.

Knowing SEO techniques will surely bring in the visitors to your blog but having interesting content on your blog is what would keep them hooked and keep coming back for more.

You may wonder why some websites have a very high bounce rate? One of the common reasons is poorly written content that offers little to no value to the site visitors.

To avoid the same scenario on your blog, you must take the time to study and do thorough research on any topic before publishing, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish writing an article, getting quality content to your blog should be the utmost priority.

Also, on how to create a blog it is important to have a plan on how often to publish your content. the popular opinion is making at least 2 – 3 posts per week, but If you must publish posts every single day on your blog, then my friend! You must be up for it and must create time to publish something of quality on a daily routine.

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6. Promote your Blog

There are many ways and techniques to promote or advertise your blog to gain more search traffic. One easy way is to build backlinks. To build backlinks, register on the popular social forums or platforms like Nairaland, Reddit, Quora etc.

Using these platforms, you will always come across people asking questions related to your niche. You should use the opportunity to answer the questions and add your link when necessary to explain more on your answer.

Alternatively, use a social media account if you have one with a good number of followers to share to share your content whenever possible to gain more visitors toward your blog.

It is important to carry out the link building campaign in moderation, quality link building involves a gradual process and if you go about placing your blog link on every single comment you make on forums and social platforms, Google may consider it as spamming and can lose all the search ranking that comes with a backlink.

Notwithstanding, learning how to start a blog and promoting it through link building has a lot of benefits once done the right way.

Read how Ashutosh Ranade got over 1000 visitors a day by posting his website link on Other advertising platform is by using social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google + to promote your blog and content.

7. Monetize the Blog to Generate Income

Learning How to create a blog in Nigeria wouldn’t be complete without knowing how to make money from it. Once you have a good amount of quality content and gaining search traffic on your blog you should start thinking of ways to make profits from your hard work and time. And how are you going to do it?

The following are ways to monetize a blog

  • Applying for Google Adsense
  • Register your blog for an affiliate program
  • Sell advertising space, especially when your site starts receiving high traffic
  • Marketing your own products E.g ebook, Phones, artwork, food or cosmetic products and video tutorials.

Placing ads on a blog should be done moderately, don’t excessively shove down advertisements banners on your site audience faces, this may likely put them off your site. A good blend of affiliate marketing products and your own products will work out just fine.


Learning how to create a blog and earning money from it can be quite easy once you have the enthusiasm for blogging about what you like most and taking the time to learn SEO and how to apply it on your blog.

After buying a domain name, web hosting, install WordPress and a beautiful theme, the two important aspects of the blog is to thoroughly learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies along with quality content. Learning these skills are the key aspect of how to create a blog and becoming a successful blogger.

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