This article will show you how to make an ebook that can earn you passive income online. I have come across quite a lot of people who are asking how to create an e-book and a lot of people that don’t know exactly where to start.

So I thought this is the best time to create this for you. What we’ll do here is to literally take you through all of the important stages that you would need to go through to actually create a profitable a really helpful ebook that you can sell to any sized audience.

You will learn how to create your an own ebook that will continue to sell as your audience grows on whatever platform you are using.

Now I will say that for most people, they will probably just want to jump into technical aspects of creating an ebook, stages 3 and 4, but without a proper preliminary planning and research -stages 1 & 2, your ebook is not going to turn out helpful and profitable as you will want it to.

Because these are the most important steps that you really need to consider if you’re creating any product in any industry and that is not exclusive of e-books.

So, make sure you take the time to go through all the stages if you really want to create a great product.

How To Self-Publish An Ebook Step By Step Guide

How to make an ebook

1. Create A Plan

Stage one is the planning stage, and this is very important as you really need to think about the outcome of what your ebook is going to be able to achieve for people.

Is your ebook going to be for entertainment purposes? Is it going to create some type of result for people? Is it going to teach people things they don’t know? Is it going to be an opinion based book?

Whatever is your idea, your subject matter, your skill, your area of expertise, or passion, you should start to brainstorm on ideas and the outcomes that you want people to achieve once they purchase and read the ebook.

It’s so important that you know this beforehand because what you’ll actually find if you don’t know the outcome of the product you are trying to create, you’ll find yourself going off on target and getting really lost in your own work.

Because you don’t know exactly where you’re heading with what you create and therefore if you’re confused about the product so will be consumers. And there’ll be no testimonials, there’ll be no positive reviews, and people will be reluctant to make any purchase.

So, make sure that you know exactly what people are going to get out of purchasing your ebook before you even start to create it.

Also, in the planning stage you will want to start planning out on what issue or topic you are going to cover in your ebook, so once you know the entire outcome for the e-book start planning out the product itself.

How many pages should they be in the e-book? Is it going to be in chapters, sections, or phases? What is each chapter is going to cover, and how are you going to present it? Is it going to be a workbook? Is it going to be more just a reading style book? Is it going to have pictures or diagrams for illustration?

Plan all of these smaller details right from the beginning so that you can easily start to map out each phase of your ebook.

This is going to help you once you start putting everything together because you’ve got a plan for each individual section rather than starting on a blank page with no clear guide to put your work together page by page.

If you have made a plan, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to develop and execute your goals into the ebook.

2. Make Research

Make your own research before writing an ebook is very important if you really want to create a profitable product. And this isn’t just for ebooks alone, this also applies to any products you want to create in your business.

You should go out and have conversations with people who are knowledgeable about your topic of interest. Say hey this is my idea this is what I’m thinking of creating, is this going to be beneficial to you? Would you buy this? How much would you buy this for?

You should start doing consumer and marketing research so that you can gather feedback and further fine-tune your product.

You know it is amazing that you have all of these great ideas but you really do want to get feedback because sometimes our ideas can be better with the feedback and the responses from others.

So go out and with your plan – with that structure that you’ve put together, send it to a couple of people, and ask them does this look like something they would like to buy? If not, why? And how can I make it better? Where are the gaps?

Identifying the gaps in your product is really important as well so asking people to help you find the faults and making sure that you are not getting offended by the feedback. 

But be that you’re actually implementing them to create an even better product before you even start developing your ebook.

3. Ebook Development

The next step is the development of the product, and one way to design your ebook for free is by using Canva. Canva is a free program that you can use to create a whole range of different graphics.

This is good for anyone who isn’t necessarily design orientated or the most technically designed creative type of person because Canva has a lot of templates that you can use on your work.

You can tailor them to be in your own taste, you can create PDF files, and you can create them to look a lot better than if you were using Word Document.

Canva is really a good choice for any beginner, but if you are a little bit more advanced or you are good with programs in Adobe suite then it will be better to go with Adobe InDesign. You don’t necessarily have to be design oriented to use Indesign, just a bit of tech skill will be enough.

What you will do with InDesign is to buy or get a free template from websites like a you could get a template for a media kit, magazine, presentation or annual report and whatever kind of design that you would like to include all the relevant information to suit your ebook.

Once you have all the materials you need, you can make an edit using the Adobe InDesign. But again, for beginners, using Canva is a lot easier and less time-consuming to develop your ebook.

The options are many depending on your skill set, all you need to do is to spend the time, make sure you go through every detail in this development stage as well as getting feedback as you work along. Send out copies to people who can help you and get feedback.

Once you’re done on that as well making sure that you are having people to read it before you can put it together as your final document.

This is because there might be some things that you’ve explained that wouldn’t make sense to other people. It might be some gaps in the information because you’re basing it on your own area of expertise and often you know more than other people do.

So when we’re explaining things we often leave gaps in communication, so you need to have people to check that and make sure that you have them to proofread and make some edit.

This is something that is very important. You are making this ebook for the purpose to earn money and to add value to people who will buy it, there should be some level of professionalism with it by getting the service of a proofreader. This will make it easy for people to understand your ebook and enjoy reading it.

Once you’ve your finalized products with all of the feedback and you’ve made all of the necessary tweaks, the next step is to save it.

The best file option for you is to save it as a PDF, save it to your computer and make sure you do a back up on an external hard drive or using the cloud.

4. Distribution

The next and final stage is the distribution, this is how you actually go about selling your ebook.

There are multiple ways to distribute your product online. For beginners using the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform is a great place for you to publish your ebook. You can also use 

On those platforms, all you need to do is to sign up for a publisher account, then proceed to update your profile, Upload your product, and mode of payment.

Another great way to distribute your ebook and highly recommend is by using a personal blog or website.

You can set up a website using a content management system like WordPress with the WooCommerce plug-in or use Squarespace to create an ecommerce.

If you’re going to use Squarespace, you must upgrade to the commerce version. It is an investment but again so is pretty much anything when you’re starting a business to make money online.

These platforms have the option to create a digital product and integrated with a lot of payment systems. So all you need to do is upload your ebook PDF file to the root of your WooCommerce and set a payment system with a price of your choice.

Whenever someone does a purchase, they will be sent an automatic email along with the ebook delivery. 

Also, remember to take the front cover of your ebook to use it as the product image. Write a description of what your ebook is about. Keep it in mind that people are out for results, so talk about what they can expect from the book, and what value they will get if they purchase it.

Now you have everything ready with a payment system and a set price for your ebook. It is time to promote your website link by using social media. 

You can either use your personal or business social account and add your ebook description to your profile. If you don’t have a lot of subscribers to your social page, it is important to leverage paid ad to market your ebook.

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These are steps that you need to make yourself an e-book. You can create e-book in about anything as there’re so many amazing topics you can create an ebook on.

You can also write about the things you have learned or a personal experience. Even if you’re not a writer, you can hire a ghostwriter to do the job for you. There’re many people earning money through self-publishing who are not writers.

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