3 Simple Ways To Register For UBA Internet Banking

The UBA internet banking gives you an easy and secured access to your account, whether, on your computer, smartphones or any internet enabled device at any time and anywhere.

Requirements for UBA Internet Banking

  • Active UBA Account
  • Internet-enabled devices (computer, tablets, smartphones)
  • Completed enrollment form/web form
  • Executed Indemnity (optional for a higher transaction)

How to register for UBA Internet Banking

There are 3 ways to register for UBA online banking service:

  1. The Instant self-enrolment;
  2. Registering via the Virtual Enrolment Form;
  3. Register at a UBA Bank branch.

Let’s analyze each of them.

1. Instant Self-Registration. UBA customers can start and finish Internet Banking registration from the log-in page providing the fastest way to get the internet banking service from UBA.

To register via the Instant self-enrolment, go-to UBA log-in page scroll to where the “Instant Self-Registration” button is and click on it.

On the next window fill-in, all the required information and click on continue to finalize the registration. A text will be sent to you from the bank with the “One Time Password” (OTP) to access the online bank service on UBA.

Register For UBA Internet Banking

2. Virtual Enrolment Form. To register through the virtual enrollment form, get the Udirect Virtual Channel Enrollment Form for individual or corporate depending on your preference and fill-in all the information to submit it via email: virtual.enrollment@ubagroup.com.

You can get the udirectVirtualCahannelEnrollmentForm at the UBA website or you can alternatively download it here for the individual form and here for the corporate one. Your internet banking service will be activated within 24-48hours after submitting the application form.

3. Enrollment Through the Bank Office. To register at the bank branch is pretty straightforward, get to a nearest UBA bank around you and request registering for internet banking from the customer service, fill in the application form to subscribe to UBA internet banking service.

Do remember to go with all the necessary documents when going to the bank.

These are the ways to register for internet banking with UBA bank of Nigeria. do choose the one that best suits your convenience.


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