3 Quick Steps In Starting Social Media Marketing

For many internet marketers, using the social media marketing platform is one of the most effective ways for them to promote their business.

When starting with social media marketing, it is common to start thinking which social media platform should I use? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat? And how am I going to get people to follow my business using those social platforms?

All these, and a host of other questions will keep going through your mind which can get you overwhelmed and complicated in deciding how to start using social media marketing for your business.

3 Essential Tips for Starting Social Media Marketing

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business In Nigeria

1. Pick The Right Social Network

Yes! The first thing you must do is to select the right social media marketing channel that best suits your business. Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, it is on you to decide which social network will work best for your business.

You may also like to use them all at once which isn’t a good idea because you will be distracted, and will not have the focus or time to make your profile amazing and optimize the best content for each of the platforms.

Social media marketing some years ago was way easier to leverage and get traffic. Now, with the updated algorithm and too many competitions, you have to put in multiple efforts to be among the best and get the traffic to your business.

It is better to concentrate on one social platform when you build a better traction down the road, you can then expand to other platforms.

Going about picking the right social platform is to analyze your business type. If you’re into B2B, the chances are Twitter,  LinkedIn, or Pinterest is the best social platform for you.

If you are into B2C, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube do really well with that model of business. YouTube can also be used for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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In addition to deciding your best social media marketing platform, it is important to look at the type of content that you like to create.

Are you the type that likes making videos? Then, you probably want to start with YouTube, or LinkedIn. Using Facebook videos can work too, but mind the competition and people hardly search for videos on Facebook.

If you’re going after the older demographic, using Twitter, Facebook will be a perfect choice, and if your business is targeting the younger demographic, using Instagram and Snapchat will be a wise choice to kick-start your social media marketing campaign.

2. Start Creating Content Relevant To Your Business

To start creating content, you first need to complete your profile. All the social sites you will like to use have a place for your personal or business profile. You will need to complete your username, email address, profile image or video, and the description of yourself and business.

Talk about the benefits people are going to experience when they follow or subscribe to your page. If you fail to complete your profile with key details, then you are not giving enough reasons for people to follow you.

Creating good content is a very important factor in promoting a brand on social media, writing and sharing interesting articles, videos, images, podcast, and sharing relevant links to your audience should always be your priority.

Mind you it is social media, so a simple status update or a video clip can all serve as content just make sure they are relevant to you and your audience.

Great content plays a key role in how you get your message across, and communicate with your followers; it also helps to grow your audience organically towards your page.

If you’re not sure on what content to create, you need to check out your competitions. Yes, we all have competition even if your platform is talking about the remotest business idea possible.

For example, if your business is about insurance, search for social pages relating to insurance and see what they are doing, look into what content that is doing well for them and the content that isn’t prioritized. This will give you a better idea of what content to create.

Alternatively, you can use the social searcher tool to search for information on a business and what people are searching on all the social media platforms.

social searcher

social searcher tool

3. Build Connections And Engagement

Now, that you are creating content, your next focus should be on building connection and engaging with your audience and to build connections you will need people. Connect by friending the people that you know, and persuade them to share, like your content on their own social media accounts.

In a situation when you have no people to friend, you can build connections on online platforms like Quora, yahoo answers, and other forums where you will always come across questions from people relating to your niche.

Use the opportunity and answer them, give them more insightful information about the issue or subject and provide your social link when necessary.

You can engage your followers by regularly updating your page, sharing your views, replying to their questions, and asking them questions, inviting them to events, asking them for feedback or sending them a direct message. Frequently engaging with your audience will build a trust and make them more loyal followers.

Your engagement rate will most likely influence how often your audience will comment, share, and like your post.

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Plus Tip: Don’t push people to your business from day one.

Give a space of 3 – 6 months before you start promoting your business. You first need to grow your followers, get them engaged and build that relationship to convert to sales.

Using social media in promoting a business is more than just signing up for accounts. Maintaining your channels is a must, keep it up-to-date, and create a plan for a daily post.

Its a lot of work but it can build brand loyalty, which is something hard to find. So whenever you plan to start social media marketing for your business, remember to follow this tips and maintain it on a regular business.

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