How to make YouTube Videos using Phone The right way

Are you thinking of how to make YouTube videos using a phone?

It doesn’t take much to start making a YouTube video for your business or starting a video blog.

On here we have put together some easy tips for you to start making YouTube videos using a phone that will look great across all viewing platforms.

Read-through as we are going to break down these tips for you to start making your own videos as soon as possible.

5 Easy Steps To Make YouTube Videos Using A Phone

How To Make YouTube Videos Using Phone

1. Framing

Always shoot in landscape mode and not in portrait mode. When you film on a portrait mode it does make a black bar on the side of the video.

This doesn’t look good or professional and nobody will like such videos. So make sure you always place your phone on landscape mode when shooting a video.

2. Stability

You wouldn’t like a shaky video and so with the viewers. One quick way to capture a stable video is using your both hands in a still position or using a selfie stick to hold the phone while on the go.

The best option for recording a stable video is using a tripod. They are easier than using hands and a selfie stick while making a YouTube video using a phone or any other recording device.

Tripods are fairly cheap and can be purchased on most online stores.

3. Lighting

When it comes to lighting there’s just one simple rule you need to follow “always face the light”. You may like to get a nice lighting kit online for better light enhancement. But when you are starting all you need to know is that the natural light is your friend and doesn’t cost anything.

To get the perfect lighting, find the light source In your home and face it. If you have the light source behind you it creates a weird looking shadow and a dark background. This wouldn’t get you a good quality video you would like.

So always make sure you are facing the light while recording to get a perfect lighting with a natural glow.

4. Audio

A simple way to get a clear audio is choosing a very quiet space with little or no background noise. Make sure you close all windows, doors, and any other outlet to prevent noise from coming in.

About using background music on the video. If you must use background audio such as music and tunes, it is important for you to know there are very strict rules on YouTube concerning this.

Don’t use copyright music or audios that will get you banned. To get free music and audio tunes for your video, go to DanosongsSoundcloud, and and register on the site. These websites are stuffed with a large collection of music and tunes both free and paid.

5. Set

For the video set, try to keep it simple. This is one area a lot of people tend to overcomplicate things in the quest for getting a perfect place to film.

All you need is to create a nice spot in your apartment that has great lighting and a simple backdrop.

I have come across many trending videos on YouTube with just a simple plain background. What people focus on is what you are saying or doing and not on what is going on around you.

Video Editing and cut

For the final editing of your video, there are many apps you can use both free and paid on Google play store and iPhone app store. On Android, you can use video editors such as the ActionDirector, Kine Master, VideoShop, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

If you are on iOS iMovie and final cut pro are some of the video editing apps you can use.
These video editing tool will allow you to add filters, photos, sound effects, animated titles, and other cool effects for personalizing your videos.

These are all you need to know to start making YouTube videos using a phone, you can apply these rules to other recording devices not just on mobile phones.

You may want to invest in getting lighting and audio pieces of equipment down the road, but if you just want to start making simple videos on YouTube these are all you need.

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