Social Media Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business Online

As an internet marketer, one of your primary objectives is to promote your brand to your potential customers. This includes using any ethical means available to you, and one effective way to do this is using social media marketing platforms.

To stay ahead of your competition, it is important to adapt your marketing strategy towards the prevailing trends and the constant changes in the market for various businesses.

Now, let us look at the simple social media marketing strategy to grow your business.


1. Increase Your Visibility by Using More than One Social Media Marketing platforms

The reason many business owners employ the use of social media in their marketing campaign is that it has a huge amount of users and they spent most of their time there.

Using only one platform can limit your business awareness to only that channel.

It is a good approach to have more than one or two social media marketing channels to reach out to a wider audience and connect with people who will catch interest in your business.

Also, you can’t expand your business awareness and online personality with a private page. Some people still use a private page to which I don’t understand why? The drawbacks to this can hurt your brand.

If your main worry is unwanted spam comments, it can be controlled and eliminated with the block button and by updating your settings.

The goal is to accommodate your audience to generate leads and purchase, make sure every piece of your social media strategy serves the goals you set it up for the people who will see it.

Refine your social media presence. It’s vital to the survival of your business. Therefore, increasing your visibility through the various channels will generate more traffic and invites engagement.

2. Focus on Mobile

Mobile phones account for the most searches, website visit, and social media interaction on the internet. Unfortunately, some businesses are yet to fully integrate mobile into their marketing strategies.

Mobile usage stat for social media marketing

Source: comScore

Google and other search engines will not show your website on mobile search if it is not optimized for mobile use. So, make it a priority to optimize your website, content, video and digital assets for mobile users.

The optimization shouldn’t be on design and loading speed alone but should include the user experience for site search, navigation, commerce, form entry and registration and as well as the general mobile usability.

This effort will surely improve your brand across all digital channels, drive prospects and increase traffic from search engines to your website.

3. Make Engagement A Priority

On social media, you need to be social with your audience.

Don’t just concentrate on pushing your goods to people, try to engage with your users as much as possible to get what they really want and promote your business towards that.

The size of your followers on social media wouldn’t make much impact on your business if no one is paying attention.

Large followers and subscribers will make you feel good but, if there’s a lack of communication or a message for them to follow and act upon, it’s unlikely they will have much impact on your brand.

What really matters is “engagement”. Engaging with your users is what will direct their attention towards you. Earn you shares and generates leads that turn into sales and as a result, attracting more loyal customers.

4. Good Content

Having a great content is much more important than marketing your business. Yes, I said that. It is much more important because a great content is what would keep people to your business.

You can spend a lot of time or money on ads and awareness to attract people towards you. But when you have low-quality content to offer, people will not be interested in your brand.  All your marketing efforts will go to waste, because who will want to patronize low quality?

Notwithstanding, social media marketing and any other forms of marketing are very valuable to any business.

What you shouldn’t do is to concentrate only on marketing but fail to give equal attention to your content.

As a business owner and content creator, it’s part of your job to deliver the best information to your users about your products and services.

Creating good content requires some effort, trying out different approaches and consistency. If you are willing to invest the time, you can have all the perks of a well-trafficked business without spending much money on paid ads.

5. Using Videos and Video Streaming

Video in real-time is becoming a popular trend among social media users. The major social media platforms are putting in much effort into improving their video streaming features and with good reason.

This channel will provide a new opportunity for both business owners and their clients to engage each other in real-time.

In addition, other than using live videos, you can integrate videos from your YouTube channel into your content when necessary to aid your promotional campaign.

And this is why it is important to have more than one social media marketing channel for your business.

In conclusion, how very specific and strategic you set up with your social media marketing plans, will aid you with its effective implementation.

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube, there is so much you can do in marketing and creating expanding opportunities for yourself, while at the same time adding values to your users, clients, and readers.

Do not make your social media marketing strategy so lofty and broad that it is unattainable. Balance is key, and always keep your customers and audience in mind.

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