Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Best Programming Language to Learn

Learning a programming language comes with a lot of benefits among which is one great way to be gainfully employed at any time and also be self-employed if you choose to.

There are many programming languages out there and can be quite cumbersome trying to decide the best and most applicable among those languages for you to learn.

This article will be covering the top 5 computer languages to learn and get a job even without a college degree.

But first off, let see what you should consider before choosing a programming language.

3 Things to put into Consideration When Choosing a Programming Language to Learn

  1. Time – the duration for an absolute beginner to go from learning to building a real practical application and getting a job. The learning curve for any computer language is not exactly the same as another. Each language has its own unique style of code writing, while some have simple short lines of written codes and way easier to understand some other language may appear too large with a lot of codes and look way harder to comprehend. Depending on your need for a certain language, knowing the time frame for the learning curve would give you an idea on how quickly you can grasp on the language.
  2. The job market – what is the demand for the programming language? And what is the average income/salary for a developer using the language? Learning a computer language in high demand would put you in a better position to negotiate on a good pay and likely choose a tech company of your choice to work for because of the high demand.
  3. Productivity – productivity here means, in terms of development time how quickly does it let you bring in your own ideas, imagination, and creativity to life? This is very important because when a company wants to hire you, they’ll want to make sure you are very productive in terms of development and if you’re able to build things quickly you will be saving them a lot of cost in instance where they’ll pay more for two people to get the same job done you are able to deliver faster, thereby you save a lot of money and the company will likely pay you more.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn and Gain  Employment even without a College Degree

5. Java

Is primarily an object-oriented language and one of the older languages that are mostly used by tech companies.

There’s this common belief among young people about the Java language been old and outdated and therefore it is no longer fashionable in the tech world, I will like to point it out that this notion is false and has no basis.

Java popularity may be down a bit but it is still widely used among the tech companies, on Codingdojo Java is ranked at number 1 of the most in-demand programming languages in the world in 2018. And one great thing about the Java language is that Android is primarily built on the Java language and also used for Android app development.

The learning curve for Java is not easy or hard. It’s a language that requires the use of logic and once you start playing with the classes, objects, and the GUI features you will find it interesting.

4. Swift

Is the programming language that is used to build the iOS applications. Objective C can also be used for the same purpose but using the Swift language is easier and faster and it is the official language for Apple iOS application with a lot of support.

3. Ruby On Rails

Ruby is essentially the programming language, but when combined with the Rails web development framework you get “Ruby on Rails”.

It is for developing web application, server-side programming and capable of doing it quickly examples are e-commerce stores, Airbnb, Github and Twitter you can make those similar apps on Ruby on rails.

The learning curve for this language is much easier and straightforward it reads like English text when you look at the written codes.

2. JavaScript

Is one hot programming language right now and among the top of the most in-demand programming language in 2018, some of you may be surprised or might disagree but here are my reasons why we placed JavaScript at number 2;

The JavaScript language has been around for a long time and a very popular language, you can run a JavaScript language code in pretty much everywhere.

For example on the web browser developer tools on your computer, you can enter a JavaScript code to run without the need to install a dedicated IDE on your computer.

JavaScript is basically on all website we visit or build, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Snapchat, Google, Twitter etc all use the JavaScript programming language. One downside of this language is the learning process is fairly difficult and can take quite some time to learn.

JavaScript has no one single recognized method or a clear way of writing a script code. You can write one single function in like 10 different ways and can be challenging for beginners trying to learn.

1. Python

Since it first releases in 1991, the Python programming language has been constantly gaining a lot of attention and users.  Google is primarily built on python and incorporating it into most of their application including YouTube, we are placing the python programming language at number 1 because;

  • It is among the easier language to learn that doesn’t take too much time.
  • A python programmer commands higher pay
  • The future of the Python programming language is very promising; many of the tech company are now adopting the python framework on their system. Reddit, Quora, Google, Spotify etc use the python script. Python can be extended to learn machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, statistics, analysis, prediction, strategy and web development, and application. Python can also be used for Android app development, the possibilities with the Python language are limitless.

So in conclusion, which among these programming languages you decide to learn will be the best choice for you. these programming languages are consistently supported by updates and are massively employed by the major tech companies.

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